LA CHP Training ($120.00)*

Course Includes:
· State required 9 hours of instruction

· Certificate of completion

*Discounts available for couples and groups. We can schedule small groups or corporate groups separately from other classes if desirable.

Costs not included in class fees:

· Ammunition - You are welcomed to bring your own ammunition from home; if you choose to use your own ammunition, then there is no cost associated with ammunition. If not, the range has ammunition for all common calibers available for sale. Depending on caliber, ammunition needed for the course should not cost more than $20-$30. You will need a minimum of 36 rounds, but we advise at least 50 in order to practice a little before shooting for score if you wish.

· Safety Equipment - Eye protection and hearing protection are mandatory. If you do not have your own, the range has some to loan or for you to purchase.

Individual training
· Individual training is available for 50.00 per hour (2-hour min) or 250.00 for the CHP course.

· Couples or very small groups can negotiate a rate if scheduled separately.

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Classroom Location

NOLATAC training classes operate out of the St Bernard Indoor Shooting Center, located at 212 Aycock St., Arabi, LA 70032.

STBISC is a full service gun store and training facility with a range that is available to the public and open for memberships. Be sure to check out our FaceBook page for news.

STBISC also has a section on the NOLATAC Forum for more news and communication.

Train at your home, on your schedule

I will come to you. There is approximately 9 hours of classroom training that we can do in your living room. Of course, if it is just you and your family, this training goes much quicker. Doing this one-on-one training saves you time and allows you to train in an environment that you feel comfortable in. Also, you will have the undivided attention of the instructor. This is the fastest and most comfortable way for you to get your CHP.

The information is tailored to you, your gun, and your home and family situation.

For $600.00, I will train you in your home or any safe place of your choice. This can be done in one day, or we can break it up over a couple days--whatever works for you. Once we are done, all that is left is for you to get fingerprints. And of course, we have to hit the range. This can be done in about an hour, and it will be at the St Bernard Indoor Shooting Center

Family Training

If your wife or husband would also like to train, we can do it all together as a group in the comfort of your own home. How about a class for the whole family on firearm safety and general home safety. This can all be wrapped into an evening that the whole family can enjoy and learn from. Prices can be negotiated to train the whole family.

When you factor in the cost of fuel, and the time you spend coming to class, this is an affordable and convenient way to take one more step in protecting yourself and your family.

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LA CHP Renewals ($75.00)

Renewals are required to take the full CHP course. While some organizations may have you come towards the end of class, we feel this does not meet the legal requirements of the statute, nor does it properly expose you to the important knowledge to be learned during the renewal process.

We are confident that you will find your time in our class well spent. This policy also allows us to protect you and ourselves in the event you have to use force in self-defense as it maintains a consistent curriculum for all of our students. Also, you can show that you have taken the full course multiple times.

We discuss this philosophy in detail during the class.

Private Renewals

We can also offer personalized or individual renewal classes. Contact us for more details.

Contact us now to schedule your class.
Class Format

1. All day on a Saturday or Sunday from 8:30 AM until approximately 6:30 PM. Doors open at 8:15

Classes may run a little longer or shorter depending on class size and participation. LSP requires 9 hours of instruction, so plan on 9 - 10 hours for the day.

2. We will sometimes run “split courses” where they are conducted over a period of 2 evening sessions. These are by demand and will be listed on our training calendar.
Materials to Bring to Class

1. Louisiana Driver's License or Identification Card (Must be valid and not expired).

2. Payment for class. Cash is preferred, but credit cards can be used with a 3.7% processing fee.

3. Handgun - If you do not have a firearm, we have some you can rent.
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