NOLATAC Firearms Training is a firearms and defensive training organization which specializes in personal protection, small arms instruction, product testing and evaluation, security consulting, and home and personal safety audits. Our experience in law enforcement, military, and private security contracting give us the necessary tools to help those looking for options in this increasingly hostile world.

We are committed to providing tactical and defensive training to all those who want to learn through our own curriculm and by hosting nationally recognized experts in a variety of subjects.

We know how important your safety and that of your family is to you-- we take it just as seriously!

Upcoming Firearms Classes • December 3rd - 5th - Magpul Dynamics Handgun 2 / Shotgun. Click for details

• February 7th - 9th - Magpul Dynamics- Dynamic Shooter Aid 2. Click for details
Latest Updates • Four killed, two injured in five separate shootings Saturday. Click for details

• Ditch Medicine by Hugh Coffee coming in early 2011. Click for details
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